THEME: Cross-Boundary Talents Training and Development
  • Facilitating cross-boundary learning
  • Developing cross-boundary talents
  • Sustaining a cross-boundary working environment
  • Assessing training needs
  • Developing future leaders
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Other training and development related topics
The 45th ARTDO International World Conference on Leadership and Talent Development is scheduled to be held from November 11th- 13th, 2018 at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the conference is Cross-Boundary Talents Training and Development. We would like to encourage the participants, including public, private and nonprofit sectors,to share their experiences in developing talents for different fields.

Cross-boundary integration is the fundamental spirit of Taiwanese culture. Since early, Taiwan has been the place where East Asian businesses, trades, and talents converge. Aside from acting as the inheritor of traditional Chinese culture,Taiwan has also integrated the culture of the Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, the Southern Min speakers, and the Hakkas,and even cultures of neighboring countries such as Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Cross-cultural exchange and integration have formed the unique Taiwanese culture we see at present and it is also embedded in the daily life of theTaiwanese people.

Using this Taiwanese spirit as the starting point, the conference will explore this year’s conference theme: Cross-Boundary Talents Training and Development. Experts, scholars, and professionals of different fields and backgrounds will be exchanging views through speeches and forums. We hope that new ideas and viewpoints can be sparked through the collision of thoughts on the following topics, which include and are not limited to facilitating cross-boundary learning,developing cross-boundary talents, and sustaining a cross-boundary working environment. We hope that after the exchange and discussion on these topics, a new direction in the future will be revealed.

We also anticipate participants to introduce new topics regarding talent training and developing. During the three-day conference, we will provide a wonderful platform for participants to conduct cross-boundary discussion and learning and also offer the opportunity for professionals of different fields to exchange thoughts. Through discussion conducted by experts of different working environments, these professionals can probe into innovative work structures and values, and also the importance and prospects of cross-boundary integration. We believe that this conference will provide you with the opportunity to learn, to connect, to create, and perform cross-boundary integrating and exchanging which will further enhance the driving force of transforming your life, work environment, and organization.
ARTDO International organization was founded in 1974 as a global reach international umbrella body comprising national organizations, training and education institutions, HRD practitioners and Multi-National companies from over 30 countries.
Based in Asia with its Secretariat in Manila, Philippines, ARTDO International organizes a major International Management and HRD Conference annually and awards an ARTDO International Award to Outstanding Contributors to HRD (Organisation and Individual Category). It also publishes the “HRD Focus” which is a quarterly newsletter dealing with the latest management and HRD issues and occasional papers on best practices.

  • Assists in the formation and growth of training and development organization internationally.
  • Co-operates with international organizations and with private and government institutions working in the field of human resource development.
  • Encourages and sponsors research and publications designed to meet the training and development needs.
  • Serves as a resource centre for Asian and Pacific training
The Chinese Society for Training and Development (CSTD) is a professional human resource development organization in Taiwan. Not only is CSTD a platform for training techniques and disseminating new knowledge, but it is also one of the founding members of the two organizations, IFTDO and ARTDO International. This is our third time hosting the annual ARTDO International Conference. With previous experiences, we are confident to provide you with a brand new vision through this global event.

CSTD is devoted to personnel training. Aside from holding keynote speeches and training workshops periodically, CSTD also offers services such as performing organizational diagnosis of training organizations and consultation on training curricula. Additionally, in order to promote the exchange of training information in Taiwan, we release T&D Newsletter to provide our members with new knowledge, course information, and shared academic papers on training. Each year, we lead our members to participate in the conferences held by IFTDO, ARTDO International, and other international organizations. After the conferences, we publish the collected and organized the content of the conferences and participants’ reviews in order to promote the world’s latest trends of thought in educational training, methods and techniques,and experiences.

Currently, CSTD comprises public administrations, public and private organizations, and academic organizations. In addition, our individual members include experts, scholars, and elites of various fields.
With our outstanding training results from the past and our enthusiasm and experiences in talent training and development,we sincerely invite you to participate in this global feast of cross-boundary talent exchange.
PROGRAM (Tentative)
Day 1, 11th November 2018 (Sunday)
Time Sessions
9:00AM-17:00 Registration Commences
10:00AM-12:00PM 45th ARTDO International Executive Board Meeting (For ARTDO Executive Board Members Only)
12:00PM-14:00PM Board Members’ Lunch
14:00PM-18:00PM Taipei City Tour
18:00PM Free Night for Participants to Network
Day 2, 12th November 2018 (Monday)
Time Sessions
9:00AM-10:00AM Opening Ceremony
10:00AM-11:00AM Keynote Speech 1
11:00AM-12:00PM Keynote Speech 2
12:00PM-13:00PM Lunch & Networking
13:00PM-14:30PM Concurrent Session A1
Concurrent Session B1
14:30PM-15:00PM Coffee & Tea Break
15:00PM-16:30PM Concurrent Session A2
Concurrent Session B2
18:30PM 45th ARTDO International Conference Welcome Dinner
Day 3, 13th November 2018 (Tuesday)
Time Sessions
9:00AM-10:00AM Keynote Speech 3
10:00AM-10:30AM Coffee & Tea Break
10:30AM-12:00PM Concurrent Session A3
Concurrent Session B3
12:00PM-13:00PM Lunch & Networking
13:00PM-14:00PM Keynote Speech 4
14:00PM-14:30PM Coffee & Tea Break
14:30PM-16:00PM Concurrent Session A4
Concurrent Session B4
16:00PM-16:30PM Closing Ceremony
18:30PM 45th ARTDO International Conference Gala Dinner
Chairman Emeritus
Dato Dr. Thomas Chee
(Malaysia, Asia)
Secretary General
Mr. Bernardo F. Ople
Prof. Dr. Chiu Chih-Chun
(Taiwan, ROC)
Immediate Past Presiden
Mr. Isa Abdullah Bu-Ali
(Middle East)
Senior Vice President
Prof. Dr. Irving Huang
(Taiwan, ROC)
Vice Presidents
Minister Dr. Jan Chung-Yuang
(Taiwan, ROC)
Mr. Ali M. Dialdin
(Saudi Arabia/Middle East)
Dr. Atif Abdelmageed Aldelrahman
(Arab Region/Africa)
Datin Eleen Cheong
(Malaysia/Asia Pacific)
Mr. R. Vijaya Kumar
Mr. Yan Keng Chong
Dr. Lee Chung Cheng
(Taiwan, ROC)
Ms. Nancy Sirinun Kittiwaytang
Ms. Sofrida Massie
Ms. Rita Goh
Regional Directors
Mr. Hussain Ismail
(Bahrain/Middle East)
Dr. Tanvi Gautam
Dr. Lyndon H. Jones
Mr. Wilson Cheah
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Alfahad
(Arab Region)
Dr. Winarso S. Tjokrosudirdjo
Board of Senior Advisors
Mr. Samson Lee Sung Hsien
(Taiwan, ROC)
Dr. Peter L. H. Chee
Ms. Serely Geraldine Alcaraz
Mr. Arthur Luis P. Florentin
Mr. Muliana Sukardi
Prof. Dr. Vinayshil Gautam
Mr. Sapta Putra Yadi
Dato Dr. Toh Kin Woon
Prof. Dr. Chi-Yuan Lin
(Taiwan, ROC)
Mr. Les Pickett
Board of Advisors
Mr. Noureddine Benbraham
Mr. John Geoghegan
Prof. Dr. William J., Rothwell
Ms. Josephine D. Javier
Dr. Jamal Alduaj
(Kuwait/Middle East)
Prof. Dr. Hamad A. Alyahya
(Middle East)
Prof. Dr.Eugene Kim Eun Gui
Mr. Abdulghani Al Rumaih
(Saudi Arabia)
Prof. Dr. Azlan Bin Amran
Mr. Sonny Kim Seung Su
(Korea/Asia Pac)
Dr. Donald Ford
Mr. Leon Tan
Mr. Nick Javier Tan
Mr. Jason Tay
Mr. Chang-Hee Yun
ARTDO Youth Advisor
Mr. Zakariya Bakhouche
(Algeria/Arab Region)
Honorary Legal Advisor
Mr. Subramaniam s/o Palayah
Regular registration (after 2018/9/16): NTD 27900 (≒USD 900) /Each
Early bird registration (by 2018/9/15): NTD 25110 (≒USD 810) /Each
Credit Card (Online).
We will send you a link of the online payment via Email in 5 working days after receiving your registration forms. Please complete the payment in 10 days. No registration will be confirmed until payment is received.
All payments must be made in NTD to ensure that the full amount is received.
We regret that no refunds will be made for cancellations. However, you may send a representative to attend the conference. Please inform us at least 2 weeks before the conference.
Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Concurrent Sessions
Two Lunches
Tea Breaks
Welcome Dinner
Gala Dinner
Taipei City Tour
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